Best Skin Bleaching Cream

EternalElinor Body bleaching cream


Specification: 100g/pc


Most of the people like to lighten their skin but when they use harsh chemicals, it gives them sun burn, black knuckles and skin irritation.

Our EternalElinor® bleaching cream which is formulated with natural ingredients that makes the skin fairer for:


1). Very effectively reduce and prevent melanin precipitation

2). Remove dark spots,age spots, melasma and freckles

3). Deep whitening and repair skin instantly

4). Promote skin tender smooth, firming and radiant.



Formulated with all natural ingredients,safely and naturally bleaches / brightens for a more luminous complexion.


BRIGHTEN AND EVEN SKIN TONE - Specifically created to help address the look of discolored areas to blend and enhance the overall skin's appearance.


Promote Collagen Growth -

Fast make collagen growth,make skin looks more youthful.



Water,glycerin,Arbutine,Collagen,Kojicacid,Vitamin C,Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, Waltheria Indica Leaf Extract, Natural Pearl Powder.



  1. Rapid effect for whitening and bleaching, but easy to cleaning. 
    2.Deeply moisturize every inch of skin, fine pores, particle size and structure of emulsion essence.
    3. Its mild herbal formula and silky quality helps with skin absorption,and after application, your skin emits a refreshing and charming scent. 
    4.Whole body using, for both men and women.



  1. Do not apply to wounded or swelled skin areas.
  2. If you find any irritations after applying the product, please stop using it and consult with medical doctor.
  3. Please keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Please keep the product away from children.

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